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"In order to obtain an excellent wine are needed excellent grapes."

Philosophy of La Scolca Wine Producer

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In the heart of the Langhe hills, at the top of the village of Castiglione Falletto, is the Vietti wine cellar, founded in the late 1800s. The family approach is known by the brand – they have been making wine for 4 generations, so it is now recognized as one of the best Italian wine brands.

Ca Dei Frati


Lugana di Sirmione and San Martino della Battaglia – the finest wines from the vineyards on the shores of Lake Garda, which have been bottled since 1969. They have been producing their special wines with sophisticated, innovative techniques over the decades.

Feudi Salentini

Feudi Salentini_logo_vektoros

Leporano is one of the most beautiful areas of Salento. Dunes covered with several acres of vineyards, roads surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, and shores surrounded by a softly roaring sea. Here is the Feudi Salentini wine region since 1994. Ancient traditions are combined with advanced technology. The high-quality grapes produce fantastic wines that every wine lover should try.

Mazzei fonterutoli


The Mazzei family has been linked to Tuscany and wines since the 11th century. For 24 generations since then, the Mazzei family has been making wine in Castello di Fonterutoli, which has remained the beating heart of the company even after its recent expansion. Their sustainable agricultural activities aim to preserve the stability of the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Tenute Mara

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The history of the Tenuta Mara or Mara wine estate began on the day Giordano Emendatori decided to fulfill his passion for wine and dedicate his life to the design and construction of an estate. In terms of location, the property is located in San Clement near San Marino.

F.lli Berlucchi franciacorta


Fratelli Berlucchi has been making her wines since the early 1900s. True to tradition, the name of the family is on the label of the wines. Today, it is sold in the best restaurants and wine shops in Europe, the United States, India, China, Japan and Central America. In 1967, the company was first registered as Franciacorta DOC.

Cascine San pietro Franciacorta

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Cascine San Pietro Franciacorta has been located next to a Calino farmhouse since 2001. What is the secret to premium wines produced in Calino? In the six-hectare area, growers take care of the vines in a way that respects the environment, making the most of the grape’s biological cycle and paying special attention to each bunch on the estate by hand. This perfect care is the secret of Cascine San Pietro Franciacort wines.

Baglio Oro

baglio oro_logo

Marsala – Sicily, where wines have a history of more than 3,000 years. In Baglio Oro wines, tradition and technology meet a master’s degree, and it is thanks to this unparalleled taste experience that can be found in every bottle. With 14 hectares of grapes, 7 indigenous grape varieties and 4 generations of experience, the 14 wine specialties that Baglio Oro has to offer are made.

La Scolca


La Scolca: Timeless Quality. The most beautiful place in Roverto is the vineyards where La Scola’s vineyards cover 50 hectares. The clean sea air, the sunshine from sunrise to sunset, the fresh cool dew and the decades of experience that make La Scola wines so special. As La Scola’s philosophy holds: In order to obtain an excellent wine are needed excellent grapes.


One of the most representative estates of Bolgheri was born from a harmonious union between the strength and elegance of nature and the patience of man. Located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, the estate produces wines of extraordinary caliber, elegance and fineness, typical of the rich terroir of the sun and countryside.
The name Argentiera comes from the silver mines (“argento”) that once dotted the hills of this highland region of the Maremma, a place rich in natural springs and medicinal waters.


Caparzo was born from the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, as well as exceptional attention, in the town of Montarcino in Tuscany. Montalcino is the land of Brunello, made only with Sangiovese grapes – in no other place this vine is able to transmit at best the distinctive features of its terroir.

Caparzo has a total area of 200 hectares with nearly 90 vineyards on the various hillsides of Montalcino.

The Process

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Crushing & Pressing
Aging & Bottling

A glass of wine is more than a delicious drink.

Discover the harmony in wine, the special connection between people and nature.

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