The story behind the brand.


Gastronomica was created to find and bring you the finest wines in Italy.


In 2014, Gastronomica was created with the aim of bringing the excellence of Italy to every table. We have carefully selected the best producers in the area, who take care of all the vines in their dunes. By paying attention to the environment and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest technologies, as well as faithfully nurturing and developing the multi-generational knowledge they have received from their ancestors.


The first partners joined Gastronomica in 2015 and we have been working closely with them ever since and you will find their wines in our offer.


Gastronomica intends to smuggle Italian romance, a carpe diem feeling and the atmosphere of summer evenings on the warm beaches for special occasions in the form of a glass of wine.

"Everyone has a wine, but not everyone knows their wine."

- Gastronomica's philosophy -

Discover our wines!

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